Skin Benefits Of Asafoetida

Anti-Ageing Benefits: This herbal spice makes an amazing anti-ageing agent. It offers the goodness of reducing wrinkles, fine lines and age spots from the face. Asafoetida can be mixed with rose water and fuller’s earth to form an effective anti-wrinkle face mask.
How To Make An Anti-Wrinkle Face Mask
1.Mix fuller’s earth and honey in a bowl and add a few drops of rose water to it.
2.Sprinkle Asafoetida to the mixture and beat well to form a thin paste.
3.Apply on face and massage for 15 minutes.
This amazing face mask offers freedom from wrinkles and age spots. It has the power to make you look 10 years less from your actual age.
Skin Whitening Benefits: Asafoetida can be used as a whitening agent that promotes fairness and demotes dark spots, acne marks and oiliness. It naturally hampers the production of Tyrosine in the skin. Tyrosine promotes the production of melanin in human skin that leads to skin darkening, premature ageing and dullness. Asafoetida keeps a check on the production of tyrosine. Thus, you can flaunt a blemish-free and radiant, younger skin with the use of Asafoetida face masks largely.
How To Make A Whitening Face Mask
1.Mash a tomato and mix it with sugar.
2.Beat the mixture until the sugar dissolves in tomato juice
3.Sprinkle Asafoetida to the mixture to form a thin paste.
This amazing face mask is a fairness face mask that can improve your complexion upto 2 tones naturally.
Anti-Acne Benefits: Do you have a troubled acne affected skin? Asafoetida might be just the magic ingredient that you were missing in your skin care regimen till now. This amazing herbal formula hampers the production of acne causing bacteria on the skin. It makes skin conditions unfavorable for the growth of bacteria. Thus, it can put an end to your year’s long acne as well.
How To Make An Anti Acne Face Mask
1.Mix Fuller’s earth and rose water to form a thick paste
2.Add a few drops of lemon juice to the mixture and sauté well
3.Sprinkle Asafoetida to the mixture and beat well.
This amazing face mask keeps you safe from acne and acne marks largely. Use it regularly twice a day for optimal results. Asafoetida controls the formation of excessive oil in the skin. This keeps your pores free of dirt, oil and sebum. Thus, eventually acne clears off from the skin completely.
Radiance Promoting Benefits: Asafoetida works like a radiance enhancer that imparts a never ending glow to the skin. It increases the supply of oxygen to facial tissues, which makes them lively and plump. You get a pink tinted fair skin that glows beautifully well. The best side-benefit of this radiance promotion benefit is the removal of ugly under eye dark circles completely.
How To Make A Radiance Face Pack
1.Simply mix Asafoetida with water/rose water to form a paste.
2.You can add sandalwood powder to increase the thickness of this face pack.
This amazing face pack increases glow and makes skin radiant and flawless.
Anti-Dryness Benefits: Pollution and stress leaves the skin and hair dry and damaged. Asafoetida works like a dryness repairing agent that offers smooth and moist skin. It can erase all the visible signs of skin dryness like dullness, peeling, cracking, freckles, wrinkles and pigmentation.
How To Make Dryness Repellent Face Mask
1.Simply mix milk and rose water in a bowl and add honey to it.
2.Add Asafoetida to the mixture and beat well.
3.Store this flowing face pack in a refrigerator to increase its shelf life.
4.Apply this face mask regularly to reverse all the signs of skin dryness
Treats Allergies And Corns: Other than making the skin blemish free, Asafoetida also works to cure skin allergies and corns. Different skin allergies resulting from sun damage or dryness can be cured using Asafoetida within a few weeks of use.

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