Natural Lip Care Tips For Pink Soft Lips

Homemade Lip care tips in natural ways
When you smile your teeth and lips are indeed the most important features that draw attention but when the weather is dry, your lip are chapped then smiling can be painful. Other than that when the lips are dark and pigmented then too you may feel embarrassed because of that when you smile. Darkness can be due to several reasons like not taking proper lip care, smoking, using cheap lip care products or extreme sun exposure. So, if you’re thinking of some homemade lip care tips to keep the lips softer, smoother and pink then there are numerous lip care tips and treatments like lip scrubs, lip balms and natural remedies meant for lip care can be handy to take care of the lips, in all season. We will share some amazing homemade beauty tips for lips that will transform your dry chapped lips into smooth and supple and the dark pigmented lips into rosy pink lips.
Natural Lip balms for Pink lips
Rather than buying store bought lip balms and chapsticks you can prepare lip balm yourself with 3 ingredients beeswax, almond oil and honey. Melt a piece of beeswax, pout half teaspoonful of almond oil, ¼ teaspoonful of honey. Mix them well and fill in a small pot. Use this lip balm to moisturize the lips.
Lip Scrub
Lip scrubs are beneficial to get away with the dry skin off the pink. The dry flaky skin doesn’t look good and it makes the lipstick look bad even. Therefore, use a lip scrub. Mix some olive oil and sugar. Massage over the lips and see the smoother lips.Another lip scrub recipe is with some sugar and honey which removes the dead skin off the lips.
Lip care tips for pink lips
Pink lips are attractive hence to get pink lips apply milk cream and some turmeric powder. Massage this over the lips and keep it overnight. It removes the lip darkness and keeps them moist.
Crush some rose petals in a paste form. Mix rose petal paste with some almond oil and milk cream. Massage over the lips and keep overnight to lighten darkness. Almond oil with Vitamin E is highly effective in fading the darkness.
Rub lemon juice over the pigmented lips to get back the pink color naturally.Massage with beetroot juice or slice also works well to give pink lips. You may rub for 5 minutes and then leave for another 5 minutes for the juices to work to remove the lip pigmentation.

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